US midterm elections: Chris Pappas wins New Hampshire seat

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The showdown for the US midterm electionswith the forecasts “showing” a preponderance of the Republicans due mainly to the come back of Donald Trumpwhich is expected to cause difficulties for the rest of his term Joe Biden in the White House. The battle for control of the Senate still seems open.

However, the winner in the 1st District of New Hampshire was expatriate MP Chris Pappas. THE Democratic congressman He defeated his Republican opponent, Caroline Levitt, to win the seat in New Hampshire.

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Who is Chris Pappas?

THE Chris Pappas, the first openly gay member of congress from New Hampshire, has represented that district since 2019. Pappa’s opponent, Leavitt, 25, is a former assistant press secretary for the Trump administration and former communications director for House Republican Conference Speaker Elise Stefanik.

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Born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire, Chris Pappas is an entrepreneur continuing to own the historic Puritan Backroom restaurant. Some of the issues he focuses on are drugs, quality of life and health insurance affordability for all New Hampshire citizens. He began his civic involvement with his election in 2002 as a two-term state legislator, was elected Hillsborough County Treasurer, and since 2013 has been elected to the New Hampshire Executive Council.

Source: News Beast

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