US midterm elections: Republicans’ hopes for a ‘red wave’ dashed

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Battle for control of the Senate on USAwith Democrats dashing Republican hopes of a “red wave” and both parties hoping for a victory with narrow majorities.

in Florida, Republican Gov. Ron DeSandis was re-elected and is considered a potential challenger to Donald Trump in the race for the party’s nomination to be its 2024 presidential candidate.

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In the following hours, however, the Democrats reacted, as it notes CNN. The Senate seat for Pennsylvania went to the Democrats and their candidate John Fettermanwho beat television surgeon Mehmet Oz, who was running for the Republican seat vacated by Republican Pat Toomey.

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Meanwhile, the battle for the House majority — one that favored Republicans, who expected to benefit from high inflation, historic trends and friendly new district lines after the 2021 redistricting — remains open.

Americans voted in the midterm elections that determine, among other things, whether the Democrats – the party of the president Joe Biden – will retain control of the Senate. 35 of the 100 seats of the body of the American federal Congress are judged.

The seats in the outgoing US upper house were perfectly split between Democrats and Republicans (50-50), with Vice President Kamala Harris having the ability with her vote to break the Gordian tie in the event of a tie..

Republicans need to win just one seat and keep the ones they already hold to secure a majority in the Senate.

Source: News Beast

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