US midterm elections: Robert Menendez’s son celebrated with Greeks with his election in New Jersey

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THE son the Philhellenic head of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Bob MenendezRobert Menendez Jr., is running for office in New Jersey and celebrated his election in the midterms elections of USA together with Greeks of the diaspora, who supported his election campaign.

The same defeated Republican Marco Arroyo and according to ekirikas.comin a particularly enthusiastic atmosphere Democrats from all communities, Americans, Cubans, African Americans, Jews, Indians, Greeks and many other Hispanics, declared with their presence, not only their support for the new leadership figure of Menendez Jr., but for political ethos of the descendant of proud Cuban immigrants and union workers, the son of a pioneering political leader, raised, as he himself mentioned, during his warm speech, appreciating social and public service, which always brings positive changes to communities and pledging his campaign message of “an America that works for everyone.”

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Robert Menendez

Finally, Robert Menendez Jr. took the floor, and after expressing his gratitude to a number of associates, friends and family who supported him in his campaign, he spoke briefly about his program’s platform of affordable housing, fair wages, equal treatment of women, and more that will positively impact the residents of Hudson County. “I am grateful to each of you individually, the road is ahead of us. This is just the beginning!” said the new MP.

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Source: News Beast

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