US midterm elections: Who is John Fetterman who managed to oust Turkish-born Mehmet Oz

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The headquarters in Senate for Pennsylvania goes to Democrats and their candidate John Fetterman, who he gains familiarity from his presence in the TV surgeon Mehmet Oz, who was running for the seat for the Republicans. The 62-year-old tele-doctor aspired to become the first Turkish US senator. He did not make it….

His victory Fetterman came to offer another Senate seat to Democrats of Joe Biden, thus increasing their chances of keeping it under their control for another two years. As ABC pointed out, Oz’s ties to the regime Erdogan they exist.

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“And that’s exactly what happened,” Fetterman, 53, told a cheering crowd early Wednesday (Nov. 9) at a concert venue in Pittsburgh.

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Immediately after the results were announced, Fetterman was quick to thank his voters for their honor. At one point, during his speech, he failed to hold back his tears when he referred to his wife, thanks to whom, he said, he is still alive. Fetterman has had an adventure recently with his health.

Source: News Beast

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