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US presidential election: calm down with the Harris-Pence debate

It wasn’t difficult, but the debate between the two vice presidential candidates has been more structured and respectful than that between the two White House candidates a week ago. It was at least as expected: many believe that Kamala Harris and Mike Pence defend their party message better than Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

The insults had rained last week. Wednesday evening, if the attacks were sometimes sharp, the two debaters showed respect for each other. “I want to congratulate you on the historic nature of your appointment,” Mike Pence told his counterpart.

Kamala Harris , however, was offensive and immediately attacked Mike Pence on his management of the pandemic. Donald Trump’s vice-president was directly concerned: he led the White House “task force” on the subject. “The Americans have seen the biggest failure of an administration in the history of our country,” she said at the start of the discussions.

Back to Republican fundamentals

Mike Pence, for his part, has defended the Trump administration’s record as best he can. “The President has always put the health of Americans first. From the start of the pandemic, he suspended all flights from China, which saved millions of lives, ”he replied. Before accusing the Democrats of instrumentalizing the vaccine for political ends. “Stop playing politics with people’s lives, you are undermining people’s confidence in the vaccine. Kamala Harris had just said that she would trust a vaccine promoted by doctors, not Donald Trump.

The vice-president also tried to return to the fundamentals of the Republican Party, a little lost sight of with Donald Trump’s negative streak in recent days (his behavior during the debate against Joe Biden, the publication of his tax declaration, his positive Covid test …). He thus accused the Democrats of wanting to increase taxes and to reverse the tax reform of the Trump administration. He criticized Obamacare.

Tensions on the Supreme Court

Tensions have escalated when it comes to Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Faced with Democratic plans to reform the highest American court, Mike Pence argued: “It’s a classic case: when you don’t win by the rules, change the rules. To which Kamala Harris responded by pointing out that all of the Trump administration’s appointments to the Supreme Court, appeals courts or local courts were ideologically motivated. “And of the fifty lifetime nominations, not one is black. “

Another marked opposition: on racial tensions, precisely. “We must defend our values, our ideals. We need reform of our police and our justice system, ”said an emotional Kamala Harris, who called for the creation of a national registry for police officers who have committed abuse. “I have confidence in our legal system,” replied Mike Pence. There is no excuse for what happened to George Floyd and justice will be done. But there is no excuse for the looting. “

Next meeting now: in a week, October 15, with the second debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. If the latter is able to get there – he has promised to go.