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US presidential election: Donald Trump voted early in Florida


Donald Trump voted early Saturday morning, October 24, 10 days before the presidential election, “for a guy called Trump” at a polling station in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The American president arrived at a library to fulfill his duty as a citizen before the official date of November 3, like more than 55 million Americans who have already voted in advance, in particular for fear of the coronavirus.

A “safer vote than when you send your ballot by mail”

Donald Trump wore a mask when he went to the polling station. “It was a very safe vote, much safer than when you send your ballot by mail,” said the Republican billionaire, who regularly, without evidence, raises the threat of massive fraud related to postal voting. “Everything was perfect, very strictly, in compliance with the rules,” he added, explaining that he had filed a ballot “for a guy called Trump”

“You are going to be very busy today, we are going to make you work very hard”, he told reporters, before starting a marathon day during which he has to hold three meetings in three different states: Caroline of the North, Ohio and Wisconsin.


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