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US presidential election: more than 10 million voters have already voted

Three weeks before the poll, many have already expressed their choice. According to a count released Monday, more than 10 million Americans voted in advance for the Nov. 3 presidential election , by mail or by early vote.

“Voters have cast a total of 10,296,180 ballots in the states concerned,” said the US Elections Project at the University of Florida. A record in this area.

Ten times more
Early voting levels for President Donald Trump versus Democrat Joe Biden are well above 2016, with many Americans rushing to mail-in voting to avoid voting in person amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to the tally .

By comparison, on October 16, 2016, also three weeks before the election, some 1.4 million voters had sent in their ballot.

Wrath of Trump

If this method of voting is developing, it is far from pleasing Donald Trump. Described as “the greatest electoral fraud in history”, the subject of many angry tweets, the postal vote does not favor the tenant of the White House.

Officially, the American president fears that the ballot will be altered by fraud. “Mailboxes will be forced, ballots will be forged, even printed illegally or fraudulently signed,” he predicted. Donald Trump even called on his supporters to vote twice to test the reliability of the device (which is legally prohibited).

Latest example of this showdown: the Republican governor of Texas, support of Donald Trump, announced in early October that voters who vote by mail and who do not go through La Poste will only have one place per county where to deposit their ballot (against a dozen previously in some cases) to discourage the practice.

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