US promises more visas for Cubans and Haitians at Summit of the Americas

US promises more visas for Cubans and Haitians at Summit of the Americas

The United States government will spend 314 million dollars, about 1.569 billion reais, for support Venezuelan immigrants in several countries and restart programs that allow some Cubans and haitians be meatm with members of their families in the United States, agencies of the USA this Friday (10th).

The announcement was part of a push at Dome of Americasheld in Los Angeles, for address immigration challenges, particularly in the United States, where the number of immigrants arriving at the border USA-Mexico has reached record levels.

US President Joe Biden and other leaders in attendance at dome are expected to issue a joint statement this Friday in which promise approach most cooperative in relation to immigration.

Biden, a Democrat, has sought to frame immigration as a continent-wide challenge rather than just a border issue. USA with Mexico.

Republicans, who want to regain control of Congress from USA atn November legislative elections, they sharply criticized Biden for reversing some of restrictive policies of his Republican predecessor, Doatld Trump, and seek to frame the situation at border as a crisis.

At domethe Biden administration appealed to those ofmost countries of Americas for strengthen the protection of immigrants, but also for reinforce borders and deport people who do not qualify for asylum.

A senior US official told reporters at dome, at Thursday night, that the United States and other countries would establish “concrete commitments” and “expect all countries to do their part”.

The United States has announced several programs of thisatto increase legal migration paths and support immigrants abroad.

The pledges include strengthening the US hiring of Central American temporary workers.

the commitment toatfunding of USA for Supporting Venezuelan immigrants will include US$171 million (about 854 million reais) in humanitarian aid and emergency food for Venezuelan immigrants and refugees in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, informed at Friday the Department of State for USA.

The Biden administration will also restart programs that allow some U.S. citizens and permanent residents to apply. for bring your relatives from Cuba and Haiti for the United States through a temporary status known as a conditionalatl humanitarian, said the Department of Security Atheatatl from the United States.

Although the Biden administration considers the dome this weekat a great opportunity for reach regional agreementsatis about immigration, the leaders of Mexico and other countries that send many immigrants for you USA did not attend, raising doubtof on the effectiveness of any joint statement.

Source: CNN Brasil