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US response to Cavusoglu on the F-35: “Our position has not changed…”

To the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusogluthe US State Department responded, after his statements that Turkey no longer wants US F-35sas it produces its own fighter jets.

THE State Department spokesman reminded that Turkey’s expulsion from the F-35 armament program was a result of the acquisition of the Russian S-400 system and that the US position has not changed.

“Turkey is a long-standing ally and partner of the US and we will be watching the upcoming elections closely. We will continue to work together with the government chosen by the Turkish people to deepen our cooperation around common priorities. The United States does not take sides in elections,” he said and added:

Our only interest is in the democratic process, which must be both free and fair. We trust that the Turkish authorities will conduct the elections in accordance with its long, proud democratic tradition and the laws in a manner consistent with its commitments to the OSCE and its status as a NATO ally.”

Concluding, the representative of the US Department of State added: “The circumstances surrounding the expulsion of Turkey in 2019 from the F-35 program due to the acquisition of the Russian S-400 system by Turkey are known. Our position has not changed: Turkey’s supply of S-400s contradicts commitments made by all NATO allies to reduce dependence on Russian systems».

Source: News Beast

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