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US Secretary of State says Ukraine on track to join NATO

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken indicated that Ukraine was “irreversibly” on a path to NATO membership as long as it continues reforms, on Wednesday (10). Blinken suggested there was only a short path for the country to join the alliance.

“In my opinion, at least, success is a strong and independent Ukraine, increasingly integrated into our Atlantic institutions like the European Union, like NATO, and able to stand on its own two feet, militarily, economically, democratically,” the official said in a conversation at the NATO summit in Washington, DC.

On the democracy front, Blinken said that “the fact that NATO also requires, as Ukraine moves irreversibly down the path to membership, that it continue its reforms — that is the strongest guarantee that the reforms that the Ukrainian people support so strongly will continue and deepen.”

The top US diplomat acknowledged differences among the 32 NATO allies over the language of the joint statement, but suggested that was to be expected.

“This is a democratic alliance and (an) alliance of democratic countries. Different countries have slightly different views on some of these issues. And part of our responsibility is to pursue consensus,” he said.

“The greatest strength we have, the most valuable currency we have as an alliance is our unity. But this unity does not just happen. It is the product of conversation. It is the product of listening. It is the product of building this consensus. And that is reflected in these documents,” he added.

Additionally, Blinken said that while “it’s important to look at words, it’s even more important to look at action.”

The American informed the CNN on Monday (8) that Ukraine’s path to NATO was described as “irreversible” in a draft joint statement by the alliance’s leaders. However, a senior European diplomat argued on Tuesday (9) that “this irreversibility is very much reversible.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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