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US: Senate approves $ 40 billion aid package for Ukraine

US: Senate approves $ 40 billion aid package for Ukraine

By a large majority, the US Congress tonight approved the colossal $ 40 billion aid package for Ukraine in a new demonstration of Washington’s non-negotiable support in Kyiv.

This aid package includes a macroeconomic and humanitarian component, but also an armament. Last week the House of Representatives gave its approval and today, while the voting was going on, it was approved by the Senate with 79 votes in favor against 11 against.

“It’s a big package and it will meet the great needs of the Ukrainian people as they fight for their survival,” said Democratic Sen. Chuck Sumer before the vote. “By approving this emergency aid, the Senate can now tell the Ukrainian people: help is on the way. Real help. Significant help. Help that will ensure the victory of the Ukrainians,” he added.

The bill will now be passed in the White House, to be signed by President Joe Biden.

Among other things, $ 6 billion is expected to be released to equip Ukraine with armored vehicles and to strengthen its air defenses as fighting rages in its southern and eastern provinces. About $ 9 billion will also be provided to ensure “the continued functioning of democratic institutions”.

By mid-March, Congress had already released about $ 14 billion to address the Ukraine crisis. But President Biden has been calling for a major budget change for weeks to support Ukraine in this new phase of the war.

Source: Capital