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US Senator Bernie Sanders defends Biden’s White House campaign

Amid mounting pressure for Joe Biden to drop out of the White House race, Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders has come to his party colleague’s defense, saying to CNN that people vote for those who will improve their quality of life and not in a “beauty contest”. Within the Democratic coalition, Bernie Sanders is to the left of Joe Biden, and has already competed against the current president for the party’s nomination for the Presidency.

Participating in The Source program, from CNN, Sanders said: “You know what else people are worried about? They’re worried about his age, they’re worried about his mental health, but you know what else they’re worried about? Whether they can feed their families and pay their rent or make a living wage. What the media does for the most part is turn politics into a beauty contest. You’re voting for someone based on public policy, who’s going to make your life better.”

The argument is similar to that used by Biden’s own campaign, which has repeatedly urged voters to take into account the economic legacy of the Biden administration. According to the current president’s team, the administration’s main milestones include: sustained economic growth; low unemployment rates; controlling inflation; and the approval of a package worth more than a trillion dollars to finance the US energy transition.

Source: CNN Brasil

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