US: Sumer and McConnell face new serious political battle to raise government lending ceiling

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Sumer and Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are facing a serious political battle to raise the federal government’s debt ceiling as they try to find a way out of the crisis. online political news newspaper The Hill.

Congress has until December 15 to raise the US debt ceiling, according to Treasury Secretary Janet Glenn, who warned that by mid-December the US government would no longer be able to fully service financial needs for its operation.

On the surface, this deadline triggers the second round of a fierce political battle between Senate leaders who have had a week-long confrontation in the run-up to the October vote on the lending ceiling, each going to extremes in order to to overcome the political competition of his opponent.

But now McConnell and Sumer, who, according to their collaborators, rarely speak, are moving publicly in a direction of coexistence characterized as “marriage out of necessity” given the state of the world economy.

“I do not know if it’s necessary to melt the ice. I think they realize this needs to be done,” said Sen. John Thun, who’s second in the Republican Senate.

“I have the impression that realistic people are finally keeping up,” Kramer added.

Maconel and Sumer have served together in the Senate for more than twenty years, but their relationship is utterly cold, though not openly hostile, as is the relationship between Maconel and former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid.


Source From: Capital

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