US: Supreme Court blocks vaccine and testing requirement for large companies

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The U.S. Supreme Court blocked President Joe Biden’s draft Covid-19 vaccine requirement in addition to the testing requirement aimed at large companies, but allowed a vaccine mandate for certain health care professionals to go into effect across the world. parents.

The court heard arguments for nearly four hours as the number of infections is rising and 40 million adults in the US are still refusing to get vaccinated. The court’s three liberal judges expressed clear approval of the government’s rules in both areas.

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Two sets of rules were issued in November. The first would affect about 80 million individuals and requires large employers to mandate that their employees be vaccinated or undergo weekly tests.

Conservative judges Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas and Amy Coney Barrett suggested that the Biden administration’s rule, issued under an agency’s emergency powers, was too broad.

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The second case concerned a regulation that requires certain health care workers who work at facilities that participate in Medicare or Medicaid programs to obtain vaccines.

In that dispute, more judges seemed receptive to the Biden administration’s authority, particularly Roberts, who suggested that there is a closer link between health professionals and vaccine mandates.

Joe Biden comments on decision

In response to the decision, the government of Joe Biden released a letter stating that if his administration had not established vaccination requirements, the country would now be facing an even greater number of hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19.

“Today’s Supreme Court decision to uphold the requirement for healthcare workers will save lives: the lives of patients seeking care at medical facilities, as well as the lives of doctors, nurses and others who work there. It will cover 10.4 million healthcare workers in 76,000 medical facilities,” Biden said.

While praising the decision to maintain the vaccine requirement for healthcare workers, Biden said he was “disappointed” with the Supreme Court’s stance in blocking the “common sense” requirements.

“I am disappointed that the Supreme Court chose to block common sense life-saving requirements for employees of large corporations, which were grounded squarely in science and law,” he said in an open letter.

“The Court has ruled that my administration cannot use the authority granted to it by Congress to demand this measure, but that does not stop me from using my voice as president to advocate that employers do the right thing to protect health and the economy. of Americans,” added Joe Biden.

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