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US Supreme Court strikes down restrictions on access to abortion pill

The US Supreme Court today restored conditions for access to mifepristone, the pill used in the majority of abortions in the country, but abortion rights advocates, including President Joe Biden, called for continued vigilance against threats to that right . In their unanimous decision, the court’s nine justices, which has a conservative majority, denied the plaintiffs — medical associations or professionals hostile to abortion who neither prescribe nor use the drug — have a “legitimate interest,” a requirement for legal action. pill. The judges are therefore overturning the appeal decision, which they had suspended anyway. An appeals court, made up of ultra-conservative judges, had in 2023 reinstated several of the restrictions on access to mifepristone, a pill used for the medical termination of pregnancy, which had been lifted by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 2016. “The plaintiffs did not have demonstrated that relaxing FDA rules would likely harm them,” the judge wrote […]
Source: News Beast

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