US tracked Russian aircraft in Alaska’s air zone twice on Monday

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The US military tracked and identified Russian aircraft flying into the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on two separate occasions on Monday, according to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad, in the acronym in English).

In both cases, it was a single Russian surveillance aircraft that the military tracked. On the second occasion, which took place on Monday night, Norad sent F-22 fighter jets to intercept the surveillance aircraft.

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“The Russian aircraft remained in international airspace and did not enter US or Canadian sovereign airspace,” Norad said in a statement.

The Alaska Area Defense Identification Zone is international airspace adjacent to Alaska that extends in locations more than 100 miles from US territory. The US military initiates aircraft identification procedures at ADIZ in the interests of national security.

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The incursions into the Zone were not considered escalation, several defense officials told CNN .

The Russian aircraft did not operate in an unsafe or unprofessional manner, a defense official said, nor did it enter Alaska’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

Officials say a similar incident happened earlier this year.

Source: CNN Brasil

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