US warns Iran against blocking nuclear talks

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The United States “will not be able to accept” Iran continuing to block talks on rescuing the Iran nuclear deal while developing its own nuclear program, as it does now, a senior US official has warned from the Austrian capital.

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However, Washington has not yet made the decision to close the door on indirect talks that resumed on Monday in Vienna between Iranians and Americans and hopes that Tehran will soon return to the negotiating table “ready to negotiate seriously,” he added.

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“Iran has not shown the behavior of a country that is seriously considering a quick return,” the 2015 agreement said, aimed at preventing it from acquiring an atomic bomb, the senior official said.

In his view, while the United States has shown “patience” over the past five months, during the suspension of negotiations that began in April but were suspended in June due to the election of a new super-conservative president in Iran, the Islamic Republic in fact “continued to accelerates its nuclear program in a provocative manner. ”

“We cannot accept a situation in which Iran is accelerating its nuclear program while procrastinating in its diplomacy over its nuclear program,” he said, reiterating a warning from US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

At the same time, a senior State Department official said Iran had abandoned any compromise it had made in talks to revive its 2015 nuclear deal with the major powers, pocketed those made by others and demanded more indirectly. US-Iran talks.

Tehran’s stance on the first such talks in more than five months has disappointed not only the United States and its European allies, but also China and Russia, which have historically been more sympathetic to Iran, the official said this week. asking not to be named.

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