US: Washington imposes sanctions on Iran for human rights violations

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The United States imposed new targeted sanctions on 12 Iranian entities and officials for “serious human rights violations” in the Islamic Republic today, amid the resumption of crucial negotiations to save the Iran nuclear deal.

The measures specifically target special units of the security forces responsible for maintaining order (LEF) or counterterrorism (NOPO) for cracking down on protesters, according to a statement from the US Treasury Department.

US Treasury Department “Will Continue to Fight Authoritarianism”

These two entities are accused of committing or ordering “on behalf of the Iranian Government»» Serious human rights violations against persons in Iran “or citizens or residents of Iran or members of their families,” the finance ministry said in a statement.

Among the officials targeted by the sanctions are Hassan Karami, the commander of the LEF special teams, and Mohsen Ebrahimi, the commander of NOPO.

Iranian prisons in the cities of Zahedan and Isfahan are also targeted, according to US authorities, because prisoners were executed there.

The US Treasury Department “Will continue to fight authoritarianism” and to promote “the fact that individuals must be held accountable for the violent repression of people who want to exercise their human rights and fundamental freedoms,” said Andrea Gaki, director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

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