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USA: 200 fishermen were trapped in a piece of ice in a lake

On a huge piece of ice in Lake her Minnesota of USA about 200 were trapped fishermen resulting in a large business being set up for the rescue their.

At around 11.30am on Monday (28/11), at Upper Red Lake, near the Canadian border, rescue services were informed that dozens of people, who had gone fishing in icethey found that the piece of ice they were standing on was no longer connected to the shores of the lake.

The rescuers who arrived at the scene found that the piece of ice with the fishermen was at a distance of about 27 meters from the shore of the lake.

PRESS RELEASE – INDIVIDUALS RESCUED FROM UPPER RED LAKENovember 28th, 2022Waskish & Shotley Townships, Beltrami…

Posted by Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, November 28, 2022

With the help of drones, rescuers located the point closest to shore and set up a makeshift pontoon to free the fishermen. They also sent alerts to cellphones in the area to alert any other hikers that they might be in danger.

In the end, about 200 people were safely removed from the lake, Beltrami County police said.

Minnesota is also called the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. Ice fishing is a very popular winter activity in this State.

Source: News Beast

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