USA: A police officer grabbed a female colleague by the neck because she tried to hold him

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A police officer in Florida of USA is under disciplinary investigation after the cameras that the police officers wear on their body, showed him grabbing a female colleague by the neck and throwing her on a car. The policeman had previously tried to remove him from a suspect arrested for attacking passers-by outside a supermarket.

The 46-year-old Christopher Pulise He is accused of attacking his 28-year-old colleague, whose name was not released, last November. The material was recently released.

It all started when Pulse along with other police officers arrested a man for beating. The man allegedly hit people outside a supermarket. After they put the arrested person in the car and while he had been handcuffed, the Pulse moved menacingly towards him. In fact, he allegedly took the pepper spray in his hand and turned it against the man.

Then the 28-year-old decided to act and seeing the behavior of her colleague hurried to catch him from the belt in order to remove him. THE Pulse he got angry, turned around and grabbed her by the neck and held her for several seconds, while he “stuck” her in a nearby car. The head of his department Sunrise, Anthony Rosa, he said “disgusted” by his behavior Pulse, who until he finds out his future has been limited to office work.

Of course, the Ρόσα released the video, but refused to post the audio either. So, what he said does not sound Pulse both to the suspect and to his colleague. He noted, only, that o Pulse reached a point where the situation should have been calm, due to the previous attack on the supermarket.

“I am proud of the police officer who has been with us for 2.5 years. Her action was decisive. “I can not imagine how she might feel after what happened to her.” Ρόσα.

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