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USA: Approved the sale of armored vehicles to Bulgaria for 1.5 billion dollars

The government of USA announced Friday the approval of a $1.5 billion sale of armored vehicles to Bulgaria, a major new arms package intended for the eastern European NATO member state, against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The State Department has informed Congress that it has given the green light to the sale of 183 Strykers, about half of which will be armored personnel carriers, to Bulgaria.

The sale will “enhance its rapid infantry deployment Bulgaria and its capabilities”, says a statement from the US Foreign Ministry.

Sofia “will use its increased capabilities to strengthen its defenses and as a force to deter regional threats,” it added.

The sale is announced a month after Bulgaria – a country with large stockpiles of Soviet-designed weapons and ammunition – agreed to send about a hundred armored personnel carriers to Ukraine’s military.

An unprecedented decision for the Balkan country, which previously hesitated to send direct military aid to Ukraine because of its historical ties with Russia.

The US has increased military aid and hardware sales to Ukraine and NATO member countries since the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory in late February 2022.

So Washington approved on August 21 a contract to sell a giant package of military equipment, including about a hundred Apache helicopters, to Poland, a major supporter of Ukraine, for $12 billion.

Source: News Beast

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