USA: Biden starts his tour in Asia

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After coordinating the Western mobilization against Russia, US President Joe Biden left yesterday for a tour in Asia, during which he wants to reaffirm US ambitions in the region.

The 79-year-old Democrat, for whom the US-China confrontation will be a major geopolitical issue in the coming years, is making his first visit to Asia since taking office.

The United States has said there is a “real chance” North Korea of ​​launching a “new missile launch” or a “nuclear test” during Biden’s trip.

Earlier in the day, South Korean President Yoon Sokgel told reporters that Biden’s visit was an opportunity to make “stronger and more inclusive” relations between Seoul and Washington.

“I am convinced that the alliance between South Korea and the United States, which aims to defend the values ​​of democracy and human rights, can only be improved in the future,” the South Korean president wrote on Twitter just hours before his arrival. His American counterpart.

Biden will meet with the leaders of the two countries in South Korea and Japan, and will attend a Quad summit in Tokyo, attended by the United States, Japan, India and Australia.

Taiwan and North Korea

The United States wants to “present the picture that the world could have if the world’s democracies and open societies come together to set the rules of the game” around American “leadership,” said White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. House.

“We believe that Beijing will hear this message. But it is not a negative message and it is not addressed to just one country,” he said.

However, China and Taiwan will be at the center of much discussion.

CIA Director Bill Burns recently said that China was “watching” the Russian invasion of Ukraine and would learn lessons about the “costs and consequences” it would face if it tried to bring it under control by force. Taiwan.

The White House has said Biden will not visit the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas, where former President Donald Trump met in 2019 with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The Biden government has repeatedly said, but in vain, that it is ready to talk to North Korea, despite the fact that Pyongyang has stepped up missile tests since the beginning of the year.

In addition, North Korea may resume nuclear testing, which it has suspended after conducting six from 2006 to 2017.

“A nuclear test by North Korea will cause” changes in the attitude of our armed forces in the region, “Sullivan said.

But he denied that such a development would be seen as a setback for Biden’s diplomacy.


Source: Capital

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