USA: Borders opened and a grandmother met and hugged her one-year-old grandson for the first time

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Tears welled up, airline and airport workers applauded, and camera flashes flashed as the one-year-old And Patel met his grandmother for the first time yesterday, Monday (08/11) at the international airport John F. Kennedy of New York.

After months she was compelled to speak to her grandson only through FaceTime, the Babna Patel she felt very happy embracing him And and holding his hand for walks at the airport terminal.

“I have no words,” she said, wiping away her tears. “How can you describe this feeling?”

THE Babna Patel and her daughter Bidiya were two of her passengers BA001, of its first flight British Airways with destination New York departing from the airport Heathrow after the lifting of travel restrictions due Covid-19 from the USA. THE Washington barred entry to much of the world for more than 20 months.

The former president Donald Trump imposed in January 2020 the first restrictions related to Covid-19 for those traveling by air from China who were not nationals USA. The ban was extended to dozens of other countries thereafter.

The British airline celebrated this “opening” of USA with a first flight for friends and family who stayed away during the pandemic.

For almost two years, unprecedented restrictions have prevented families from coming together, celebrating weddings, mourning at funerals or seeing babies, new family members up close.

My father And, Kusal, said that the most painful part of the pandemic for him was that his mother could not introduce his son to his sister earlier.

Asked what the family planned to do during her ten-day visit Μπάβνα and her Bidiya, The Kusal Patel he said he would “let them hug him And as much as possible “, for a start.

“We are trying to make up for a whole year that we did not get to see each other,” he said.

THE Babna Patel agreed that all she wants to do for the next week and a half is “sit and watch” her grandson.

“I have other relatives in New York“But I said, ‘These ten days are just for him,'” he said, looking at him tenderly. And.

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