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USA – Democrats: All possibilities open for the release of Trump’s tax information

The US Supreme Court will allow a congressional committee to obtain copies of his tax returns Donald Trump, ending a three-year battle as the former president has refused to go public since his first run for the White House. The Democrats who are members of Congress have been dealing since yesterday with managing the challenge regarding the analysis of former President Donald Trump’s tax returns covering a period of six years. On the other hand, Republicans are preparing to take majority control of the House of Representatives less than six weeks from today.

Members of the Democratic-controlled House Oversight Committee hope to receive the relevant tax documents and information within the next week, following Tuesday’s move by the U.S. Supreme Court. US, rejecting Trump’s appeal that was aimed at preventing the audit of his tax information by the Congress.

The committee first sought access to the reported tax data from 2019, when Trump was still president. USA, while their release is subject to federal restrictions regarding the confidential nature of their use. However, Democrats will be able to release some of the former US president’s tax records, possibly after a vote in the full House of Representatives. The members of the Democratic Party in the mentioned committee have a window of time to process the data until January 3, before the assumption of majority control of the mentioned legislative body by the Republicans, reports APE-MPE.

Committee members will consider what information related to Trump’s tax records can be released when Congress returns to full session. next week. The House of Representatives currently has stop its operation for today’s holidays Thanksgiving in the US, while he will return to parliamentary work next Tuesday. The new holiday season for Christmas and the New Year begins on December 15th.

Members of Congress face a December 16 deadline to continue the US government funding.

Source: News Beast

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