USA: Father and son arrested for giant summer fire in California

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A 60-year-old and his 30-year-old son have been arrested as part of an investigation into the causes of a giant forest fire that has spread to almost 900 square kilometers in the state. California in the summer, local authorities announced on Wednesday (08/12).

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THE David Smith, 66 years old, and o Travis Smith, 32, are accused of setting fire to the Caldor fire on August 14 near the lake Speed, a lush area that attracts many tourists to California.

The county prosecutor El Dorado said in a press release that the two men are accused of “arson”, without giving further details.

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The fire, which could not be brought under control until 67 days later, injured five people and partially or completely destroyed a thousand buildings, homes, shops, etc., according to its fire department. California.

To be precise, the toll was five injured and 221,835 acres of scorched earth over 67 days, while 81 structures were damaged and 1,003 structures were destroyed.

It has also resulted in the evacuation of several tens of thousands of people from their homes in this area, not far from its largest alpine lake. North America, on the border with Nevada.

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