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USA: For the first time in half a century, Defense Ministry officials submit to the House for UFO sightings

USA: For the first time in half a century, Defense Ministry officials submit to the House for UFO sightings

A senior Pentagon staffer who assisted in compiling the report stated that flying objects better known as UFOs or UFOs.

Two top Defense Department officials testified today in the House Subcommittee on Intelligence, 11 months after the release of a report listing more than 140 UAP cases reported by U.S. Air Force pilots since 2004.

“We know our military has seen an unidentified phenomenon and because UAPs are a potential safety hazard (…) we are committed to trying to establish their origins,” said Ronald Moltri, who oversees a new team to the US Undersecretary of Defense for Information and Security.

The second official to testify was Scott Bray, the deputy director of the Navy’s intelligence service.

The term UFO, meaning “unidentified flying object”, has long been associated with the idea of ​​alien aircraft, something that was not mentioned at all in the presentation of the UAP report last June. The researchers focused mainly on potential threats to US national security and aviation safety.

The report, however, included some of the videos previously released by the Pentagon, which depict mysterious flying objects that develop very high speeds and maneuver beyond the capabilities of modern aircraft. These items do not appear to have any visible propulsion system or flight control areas.

The chairman of the subcommittee, Andre Carson, said in his opening remarks that it was important for the Pentagon to remove the stigma from the sight of such unknowns. Due to this stigma, the pilots were discouraged by the UAP report, so that they could be analyzed by the experts.

“UAP is inexplicable, that’s true. But it’s real,” Carson said.

Analysts from the Department of Defense and the intelligence services that prepared the report did not explain the origin of just one of the 144 UAP views, which they attributed to a large, deflated balloon. Although it did not reach any conclusions, last year ‘s report noted that these views are obviously not explained by a single cause. More data and analysis will be needed to determine if this is an “exotic” aircraft system secretly developed by the US government or a trading company or a foreign power such as China or Russia.

Moltry and Bray were to testify in camera before the public hearing. This will be the first public hearing on the subject since the Air Force put an end to a UFO research program codenamed Project Blue Book in 1969. In its 17 years of existence, the program has garnered 12,618 UFO views. 701 of which concerned items which officially remained “unidentified”. The Air Force later said, however, that it had found no evidence of a threat to national security or evidence of alien vessels.

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