USA: Former police officer who paid for the murder of his estranged wife will be executed

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At USA it’s going to be the second one implementation death row inmate for 2023 and specifically the former 65-year-old policeman Robert Fratta, who had paid to murdered his estranged wife, as she claimed custody of their children.

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So, barring a last-minute reversal, the death row inmate will be given a lethal injection on Tuesday night (early Wednesday, Greek time) at the prison in Huntsville, Texas.

More specifically, Robert Frata he was arrested after the murder of his wife in 1994. Fara Frata executed in cold blood by a hit man in the garage of her suburban Houston home. He was only 33 years old.

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According to the case file, at the time of the murder, Robert Frata had gone to church with their three children. The couple she was in the process of getting a divorce and in a custody battle over the children.

On several occasions, Robert Fratta “he had asked friends and acquaintances to kill his wife or introduce someone who would“, say testimonies included in the case file. Eventually, through an acquaintance, he allegedly came into contact with someone who took it upon himself to kill his wife. News reports at the time reported that Robert Fratta paid about $1,000 for the death contract.

The same he never admitted his guiltwhile he accused his father-in-law of setting him up to frame him.

Frata was sentenced to death in 1996, but the death sentence was overturned in 2007. His death sentence was reinstated in 2009.

Ahead of his execution, Frata’s lawyers appealed to the Supreme Court, asking for a review of the case.

Source: News Beast

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