USA: Havana Syndrome upset – A CIA officer showed symptoms

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Upset has been caused on USA from another incident related to syndrome of Havana, first reported by officials at the US Embassy in Cuba in 2016.

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Central Intelligence Agency Officer (CIA) who traveled to India this month reported symptoms compatible with Havana Syndrome, according to CNN and the New York Times. The unnamed officer needed medical attention, CNN reported, citing unnamed sources.

According to the Athens News Agency, about 200 American officials and members of their families have developed Havana Syndrome, a mysterious series of symptoms that includes migraines, nausea, memory gaps and dizziness.

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A CIA spokesman told Reuters that the agency did not comment on specific incidents or officers. “We have protocols that apply when people report possible abnormalities of health, which include receiving appropriate medical treatment,” he said.

Last month, the US Vice President Kamala Harris She delayed her arrival in Hanoi for three hours when the US embassy there announced that someone had reported a health incident compatible with Havana Syndrome.

Scenarios for the origin of Havana Syndrome

CIA Director William Burns said in July that he had hired a high-ranking official who had previously led the manhunt for Osama bin Laden, to lead a percussion team investigating the syndrome.

Committee of the US National Academy of Sciences found that the most reasonable theory is that “directed, pulsed radio frequency energy” causes this syndrome. Burns has said that there is a “very high probability” that this syndrome will be intentionally caused and that it could to be responsible for Russia.

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