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USA: House of Representatives to the Republicans – With the Congress divided, Biden will rule

The Republicans regained control of it House of Representativesaccording to estimates and statistical projections broadcast by American media yesterday Wednesday, eight days after the by-electionswhich marks the division of Congress and enables them toto prevent the implementation of the program of the Democratic president Joe Biden for the remaining two years of his term, until the 2024 presidential elections.

After failing to secure her control Senatethe conservative faction will still only have a slim majority in the American lower house, as the “giant red wave” which discounted many of its executives, first of all Donald Trump, he did not come. However, Trump already threw himself into a new election campaign the day before Tuesday, formalizing his candidacy, although his followers had a rather mediocre performance in these midterms.

“Americans are ready for a new direction and the Republicans are ready to deliver it” celebrated the head of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, who is expected to be elected a new “speaker”, president of the House of Representatives. succeeding Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

House Democrats will continue to play a front-line role in support of President Biden’s program”, as they will have a “strong influence” given the “weak Republican majority”, outgoing House Speaker Mrs. Pelosi wants to believe.

Biden immediately congratulated McCarthy, stressing in a statement released by his services that he intends to “work with anyone — Democrat or Republican — who is willing to work with me to get results.”

The television networks NBC, Fox News and CBS predicted yesterday that the Republicans will have (at least) 218 ​​seats in the Housethe minimum possible majority in the total of 435.

As APE-MPE notes, if the estimates of the American media are confirmed, Joe Biden’s performance will be the best of a US president in a midterm election in the last 20 years. Traditionally, the party in power suffers from the “punishment” and protest vote in these contests.

The Republicans threatened to withdraw measures

Although slim, the Republican majority in the lower House is enough to complicate governance. With the House having a Republican majority and the Senate a Democratic majority, the Biden administration will no longer be able to advance — any — grandiose plans. Which of course applies to the other side.

Republicans threatened to begin dismantling measures adopted so far in Biden’s tenure if they regain control of both houses. In particular, they want to cancel the allocation of funds to tax services to hire new employees and some reforms in education.

The GOP may also be blocking US aid to Ukraine.

They had hinted that they would attack the right to abortion or that they would legislate on firearmswhich would prompt Joe Biden to exercise his veto, as he had made clear in interviews before the election.

“Red Wall”

The president, who will turn 80 this month, will not be forced to be on the defensive after all. Instead, he can use his negotiating skills, acquired in his long career in the Senate, to avoid the paralysis of the federal state (the much-vaunted “shutdown”).

However, the president’s tense hand may run into a red wall.

Despite their narrow majority in the House, Republicans will have government oversight powers and have signaled they will launch investigations into Mr Biden, his administration and his family — his son Hunter and his dealings in Ukraine and China, for the way the president handled the pandemic, for the chaotic withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan…

The conservative party wants to take advantage of every Democratic mistake, keeping the 2024 presidential election in its sights.

Source: News Beast

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