USA: House Speaker Election, Part 14 – The Boring Family Movie Turned into a Heartwarming Thriller

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Not even a Hollywood script could capture the “absurd” week that the US Congress is experiencing: like a movie that starts as a family comedy, turns into a drama and takes a thriller turn towards the end of the week, with the suspense peaking over the weekend.

The “scenario” is based on a “boring” routine process, the election of the Speaker of the House, but which is derailed when the “bad guy” appears: some twenty Trumpian MPs.

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At the same time, it also claims an original screenplay award, since in the last 160 years it had never happened that 13 consecutive votes were needed and the president was still not elected.

Late in the afternoon, the meeting is adjourned. He’s a handful of votes short.

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Be continiued.

Source: News Beast

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