USA: Lesbian feta is making waves in San Francisco

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On the shelves of the supermarket Rainbow Grocery Co-operative in the San Francisco of USA is a unique delicacy, Cheese slice from from Lesvos, which is produced from the milk of local sheep. Sold under the label «Greek (Lesbian) feta» and according to the employees in the store, but also the newspaper «San Francisco Chronicle» has been a huge success in the city’s numerous gay community.

The store says the label is more than just an advertising ploy. “We know where our feta is from. We saw photos of the sheep. “It’s a feta that has taken root in this store,” he said Gordon Edgar, responsible for buying cheese in Rainbow Grocery Co-operative, in «San Francisco Chronicle». He went on to say: “There are two things about calling it a lesbian feta. We are not idiots. We know that if we call it that, people will say “what do you mean?”, Which is a victory in itself. Edgar said that if we just called it Greek feta it would lose that prestige. The store is staffed and the cheese sector has the unofficial nickname “cheese pride” and a strong gay culture.

The soft and spicy feta is one of the best-selling cheeses, but in June, when people from all over the world flock to the city for the famous «Pride Festival», lesbian feta sales soar. According to the publication, half a kilo is offered at $ 19.99!

Lesbian feta is introduced on USA since 2016 by the company Essex St Cheese located in New York. The product, however, comes from the village Agra of Lesvos. Shortly after the first order, the Rainbow Grocery Co-operative gave the cheese its characteristic name. “There was a sense of truth in calling it that. “Culturally, it seemed that this was the right thing to do,” she said Maria Sparks, working in the store.

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