USA: Masks return to New York due to monkey pox

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The return of masks indoors New York Health Authorities ruled in favor of the first case smallpox of monkeys.

At the same time, the officials do not rule out the possibility of another case. For this reason, the Department of Health to encourage New Yorkers to wear masks to protect themselves from both the new virus and the coronavirus.

Biden: Everyone should be worried

Worried about smallpox of monkeys seems to be the Joe Bidenwith the US reviewing all available data on treatments and vaccines available so far.

In accordance with Sky NewsSpeaking to reporters at an air base in South Korea before leaving with Air Force One for Japan, Biden said U.S. health officials were considering possible treatments and vaccines. “It’s something everyone should be worried about”he said characteristically.

“We are working hard to figure out what to do, and what vaccine, if any, might be available for her.” noted the American president.

WHO is ready for new cases

Ready to detect new cases of smallpox in monkeys is World Health Organisation and is expected to give new instructions in the coming days to limit it. So far, 92 confirmed and 28 suspected cases have been reported in 12 countries.

“The information available indicates that human-to-human transmission occurs when there is close contact with asymptomatic infected people.”pointed out the WHO.

THE smallpox of monkeys, an infectious disease that usually has mild symptoms, is endemic to parts of western and central Africa. It is spread through close contact, which means that it can be limited relatively easily, by isolation and observance of hygiene rules.

“What seems to be happening is that it has been transmitted to the population as a sexually transmitted disease, and it is spreading, as is generally the case with sexually transmitted diseases (…) around the world.”David Hayman, an infectious disease specialist at the WHO, told Reuters.

Mr Hayman said an international panel of experts met via video conference to discuss what needs to be studied about the outbreak and what information needs to be provided to the public, including whether there is an asymptomatic spread of the virus, who is at risk and what the ways are. transmission.

He added that the meeting was convened due to the “urgent nature of the situation”. This committee is not the one that will propose the declaration of an international state of emergency, the highest level of alert of the WHO, as when the pandemic of the new coronavirus occurred.

Mr. Hayman noted that close contact is the main route of transmission, as the skin rashes that are caused are highly contagious. Especially parents caring for sick children are at high risk, as are healthcare providers, which explains why some countries vaccinate staff caring for patients with smallpox, a related virus.

Several cases have been reported in sexual health clinics.

The initial sequencing of the genome based on samples of some cases in Europe showed that the strain of the virus has similarities to the one that had spread in the most limited way in Britain, Israel and Singapore in 2018.

The expert estimated how it is “Reasonable” the case that the virus was already circulating outside the countries where it is endemic but there were no outbreaks due to lockdowns, social distance and travel restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He insisted that the situation was not similar to that in the first period after the detection of the new coronavirus, because the smallpox of monkeys is not transmitted so easily. “Those who suspect they may have been exposed to the virus, or have symptoms such as fever or rash, should avoid close contact with others,” he said.

“Vaccines are available, but the most important message is how you can protect yourself”concluded David Hayman.

Source: News Beast


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