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USA: Online fundraiser for American woman who is called to compensate the family of her rapist, whom she killed

An online fundraiser for a young woman had a great impact American girl to raise $150,000 which he is required to pay as compensation in the family of a man, who killed because – according to court documents – the rape repeatedly and forced her into prostitution.

The case of the 17-year-old today Piper Lewis has shocked public opinion in the US. “A child who has been raped should never, under any circumstances, owe money to the family of his rapist”said one of her former teachers, Leland Skipper, who spearheaded the online fundraiser.

At the age of 15, Piper Lewis was wandering the streets when a 35-year-old man approached her, repeatedly raped her and sold her to others for money, according to US reports..

In June 2020 Piper Lewis killed Zachary Brooks in Iowa and pleaded guilty.

The court did not dispute the fact that the minor was a victim of rape and sexual exploitation. He released her with restrictive conditions, which if she violates within the next 5 years, she will face a 20-year prison sentence. But under Iowa state law — which provides for compensation for homicide victims’ relatives — the judge ordered her to pay $150,000 to the family of the man she killed.

Denouncing the “morally unjustifiable” law, Skipper then started the online fundraiser on the GoFundMe website. The donations, most of them $20-50, totaled more than the compensation awarded to the family of Zachary Brooks. Specifically, by Thursday afternoon, $386,000 had been collected. Leland Skipper assured that the additional funds will be allocated to the young lady’s studies.

Source: News Beast

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