USA: President Biden caught a cold, but assures that he is fine

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US President Joe Biden sounded hoarse and admitted that he had a cold, apparently because of a grandson who stuck to him.

In a speech to the White House on the economy, Biden sounded stuffy and coughed many times. Journalists asked him if he was OK. “I’m fine. I’m tested every day for a Covid test.… What I have is a one and a half year old grandson who has a cold and likes to kiss his grandfather; it’s just a cold,” he said.

Referring to travel bans due to the pandemic, Biden said he would continue to rely on the opinion of scientists to decide whether there would be changes. He noted that no change was proposed at the moment and that the measures taken were sufficient.

On the issue of Ukraine, the US President said that he is in constant contact with the European partners of the USA and that he is promoting a series of coordinated initiatives aimed at making it difficult for Russian President Vladimir Putin “to do what the people are afraid to do”. that is, to move against that country.

Responding to a reporter’s question, he clarified that he has not yet spoken to Putin. The two leaders are expected to make a phone call in the coming days.

On the issue of rising fuel prices, Biden said he would ensure that Americans would pay a “fair” price. He also did not rule out the possibility that China could release quantities of its strategic reserves, although it has not yet done so. Recalling the decision of the United States and other countries, such as India and Japan, to release oil reserves to reduce fuel prices, he commented that “China could very well do more. They have not done so yet.”

Biden is expected to ratify the federal government-sponsored bill later today.

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Source From: Capital

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