USA: “Supplementing” salaries of security forces in Lebanon due to the unprecedented economic crisis

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THE Lebanon has been plunged into chaos by the unprecedented economic crisis experienced by the USA decided to help by offering $72 million as a supplement to the salaries policemen and soldiers.

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So, it will be granted as temporary financial assistance for military and them security forces, says the joint announcement of the United Nations Development Program and the American embassy in Beirut. Each soldier and policeman will be given one additional assistance of $100 per month for the next six months.

Indicative of the current situation in the country, is that at the beginning of 2019 the local currency lost 95% of its value against the dollar, while the World Bank considers this crisis to be one of the worst in the world since in 1850.

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Yes, citizens rob banks to get their depositssince money withdrawals are either prohibited or limited to such an extent that one cannot make a visit to the hospital.

Typically, in the summer banks were closed for five days after a barrage of robberieswhile the robbers were described as “national heroes” by the media and the citizens of the country, while in many cases they were asked not to be punished by the authorities.

Source: News Beast

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