USA: The discussion of the bill on social expenditures in the Senate is delayed

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The debate in the Senate on the social spending and climate spending bill of President Joe Biden seems to be fading in time, after the failure of the House of Representatives to pass the bill before the Veterans Day holiday, according to the online newspaper The Hill.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Sumer was hoping to start the Build Back Better (BBBA) debate this week.

However, in a letter sent to the Democratic caucus yesterday Sunday, he said the Senate was “likely” to start debating the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) bill instead of the social bill. .

“After the delay in the House of Representatives, which has postponed the debate on the BBBA bill for the week starting tomorrow (today, Monday), it is likely that the Senate will discuss the NDAA this week, as we await the BBBA vote. from the House of Representatives, “Sumer wrote, referring to President Biden’s grand social spending bill.

The defense bill was passed by the relevant committee over the summer, while it remained in a state of waiting for its discussion in the plenary of the Senate, as the Democrats were trying to determine the timetable for the promotion of the cross-party infrastructure upgrade bill, which was passed by Senate in August, but also the bill on social spending and climate.

The defense bill is formally passed by a large cross-party majority, but is a magnet for hundreds of potential amendments, and it may take up to two weeks for it to be debated in the Senate until a final vote is taken.



Source From: Capital

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