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USA: The first hurdle was overcome to avoid the shutdown – The ball in the Senate

The House of Representatives has approved a provisional budget guaranteeing federal funding until mid-February to avoid the risk of shutdowns, which would put millions of civil servants out of work by weekend.

However, the bill remains to be approved by the Senate, where some Republicans, including Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Roger Marshall, are threatening to launch a new shutdown in protest of Democratic President Joe Biden’s administration’s attempt to oust him. vaccination against COVID-19. The body has until today, midnight (local time; Saturday morning, Greek time), to approve the provisional budget.

In the House of Representatives, only one member of the Republican caucus voted in favor of the interim budget, which passed with 221 votes in favor and 212 against.

If the federal state sectors were suspended in the run-up to the holidays, the political costs would be heavy for both parties, but especially for the coalition, the Democrats, who have very little control over Congress.

Even more pressing is the next deadline, the one on the federal borrowing limit ($ 28.9 trillion), which will be met on December 15, according to the calculations of the Ministry of Finance. If the borrowing limit is not raised or lifted, the US will run the risk of being forced to default on payments, with disastrous consequences.



Source From: Capital

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