USA: The first passport marked X in the sex selection was issued

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The United States announced today, Wednesday, that it had surrendered the first passport carrying the indication X in his choice gender, to a person who states that he is not covered by the designations “male” and “female”.

The State Department “added option X for intersex people” and more broadly for those who do not self-identify on the basis of the gender criteria proposed to date (non-binary), his spokesman said. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ned Price.

This addition was a pre-election promise of the president Joe Biden, in the context of the protection of their rights ΛΟΑΤΚΙ people.

From the beginning 2022 “Those who apply for a passport will be able to make that choice,” Price said, reiterating that US diplomacy is committed “To promote the freedom, dignity and equality” of all people.

At least eleven other countries, including Canada, the Germany, the Argentina, the India and Pakistan, have entered the option “Χ” the “otherAccording to the London-based Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion, AFP reports.

In the opposite of Trump’s policy

The US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had already relaxed the rules since June, allowing American citizens to they choose the sex themselves which will be written in their passport, according to the same source.

It is pointed out that in the past those who wanted to have a gender other than that of the birth certificate would have to submit a medical certificate.

Biden has made it a priority for his government to defend the rights of sexual minorities around the world, more than any other president in US history and to break with the policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

It is noteworthy that when he was the foreign minister of the Republican multimillionaire, Mike Pompeo had banned US embassies from hoisting the rainbow flag, the symbol of the LOATKI community.

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