USA: The man who raped and killed a 9-year-old girl has been identified after 62 years

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Finally it was given to one of the most unsolved crimes of 20ου century in the USA as well as his police Spokane, Washington claims that he finally managed to track down the rape and murder of a nine-year-old girl in 1959.

THE John Ray Hoff, who committed suicide in 1970, was declared a few days ago and officially responsible for the brutal attack and strangulation of little Candy Rogers 62 years ago, after a DNA sample from his exhumed corpse matched it from a preserved semen sample found in the unfortunate child’s clothes, report the local media.

Hoff was then 20 years old and serving in the US Army. He was released in 1961 after being jailed for tying up a woman and attempting to strangle her. Hoff, who was never arrested or prosecuted, eventually committed suicide at the age of 31.

“It was the Everest of our unsolved cases, the one we could never get over, but at the same time no one had ever forgotten“Spokane police spokesman Jacques Storment said in a video released by the department last Friday.

Detectives have been searching for “thousands of clues and evidence” for years, but have continued to “encounter dead ends,” Spokane police said in a statement.

However, someone light in the search tunnel appeared earlier this year, when the list of suspects was limited to Hoff and his two also dead brothers, after the DNA from the sperm sample was subjected to a “high level” test and entered into a genealogical database.

The police contacted her daughter of Hoff, which agreed to submit a DNA sample to assist in the research, while giving permission for the exhumation of her father’s body.

Hoff’s body, which was buried in the same cemetery as his victim, was exhumed and tests showed that it was “25 million times more likely” that the sample “came from Hoff” by an irrelevant person chosen at random “.

Rogers disappeared on March 6, 1959, while selling sweets in Spokane’s West Central neighborhood. Her body was discovered 16 days later in a forest near her home after a huge operation involving hundreds of investigators and locals.

In fact, the The search for her body also had an unpleasant event, as three members of the crew of an Air Force helicopter who participated in the investigation lost their lives when it fell on power cords and then crashed.

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