Home World USA: They want to prevent Turkey’s ground operation in Syria

USA: They want to prevent Turkey’s ground operation in Syria

USA: They want to prevent Turkey’s ground operation in Syria

A land based business of hers Turkey at Syria may “jeopardize” the achievements of the war against the organization Islamic state in this country, his representative estimated today (29/11). Pentagoncalling on Ankara to show restraint.

Turkey began a barrage of airstrikes in northeastern Syria on November 20, pounding positions of Kurdish fighters, members of organizations characterized as “terrorist” from Ankara. And its president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week reiterated his intention to order the launch of a ground operation “when the time is right”..

“Continued fighting, and in particular a ground operation, would seriously jeopardize the hard-won gains during the campaign against IS and destabilize the region.”Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder told reporters.

The possibility of a ground operation “continues to concern us and we appeal for restraint,” the US Defense Department spokesman added, while acknowledging the legitimacy of Ankara’s security demands..

The Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which controls northeastern Syria, have played a key role in the international coalition’s battles against the jihadists that have driven IS fighters from the region.

Turkey launched its raids after an attack that killed six and wounded dozens in Istanbul on November 13, blaming the Kurds, which they have denied.

Ryder clarified that US troops still deployed in northeastern Syria have reduced their joint patrols with their SDF allies. “We have reduced the number of patrols because we are carrying them out in cooperation with the SDD and they have reduced their patrols,” he explained.

The United States maintains about 900 troops in northeastern Syria on the side of the SDF.

Source: News Beast



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