USA: “Thorn” for Biden the big shortages in baby milk

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Problems remain from the great shortcomings in baby milk observed on USA for a long time. THE Joe Biden admitted yesterday Wednesday that “work remains to be done” to resolve the issue with shortage of baby milk in the USwhile the reactions continue for the management of the matter by his government.

“There is still work to be done, but we are making significant progress,” the White House said in a statement. The American president estimated that it will take “a few more months” in order for the situation to return to normal during an event aimed at promoting an active response to the problem by the US government.

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But the event in which they were invited to participate online representatives of five baby milk companies (ByHeart, Bubs Australia, Reckitt, Perrigo et Gerber) did not have the desired effect. On the contrary, as reported by the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, it brought the issue back to the discussion. delayed White House response.

The United States has long had problems with baby milk supply due to the covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless the problem worsened in February following the recall of Abbott products and then with the suspension of one of its factories in Michigan.

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On February 17, after the death of two babies, Abbot announced that “Voluntarily recalls” all milk powders produced by its plant in Michigan, including Similac, which is used by millions of families in the US, while it also suspended its operation.

The company, which controls 40% of the US baby milk market, was not invited to yesterday’s event. Authorities have reported that they found health violations at the factory that closed.

Biden himself said he was only informed of the problem in early April and then mobilized the government.

“There is nothing more stressful than the feeling that you can not meet the needs of your child”

«I do not think anyone expected the closure of a factory to have such an impactCommented the Democratic president.

But the representatives of their companies denied it.

Robert Cleveland, its vice president Reckitthe pointed out that he knew “from the beginning” that the closure of this factory “would be a very serious event”.

Murray Kessler, its head Perrigoalso stated that he quickly realized that this incident would cause “serious shortcomings”.

The empty shelves and the anguish of parentsespecially those babies who need special milk, are serious political problem for the Biden government.

Η έλλειψη βρεφικού γάλακτος στις ΗΠΑ και ο νόμος από την εποχή του Ψυχρού ΠολέμουΗ έλλειψη βρεφικού γάλακτος στις ΗΠΑ και ο νόμος από την εποχή του Ψυχρού ΠολέμουThe shortage of infant milk in the US and the law from the Cold War era

The crisis touches on a sensitive chord for the president who assures that he is above all concerned with the daily lives of Americans, especially at a time when they are facing rapid rise in inflation.

The 79-year-old Democrat admitted yesterday that “There is nothing more stressful than feeling that you can not meet your child’s needs.”

The issue also paints a picture of an effective and capable White House that the US president’s advisers want to go through to highlight the current administration’s opposition to the chaos that has prevailed during the presidency of former President Donald Trump.

The White House announced in mid-May the creation of an air bridge to speed up the import of baby milk from abroad, a company called “Fly Formula”.

Yesterday, Washington announced that it would soon receive baby milk from Australia – about 172 tonnes, which is enough for about 4.6 million baby bottles – and about 136 tonnes from Britain, the equivalent of about 3.7 million baby bottles.

Alongside Biden enacted the Defense Production Act, dating from the Cold War era, in order to provide the necessary ingredients to baby milk factories as a matter of priority.

The crisis has brought back to the fore the problems of the baby milk market in the USA, 90% of which is controlled by three companies, while it is closed to the import of milk produced by European companies.

Source: News Beast

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