Use of 5G in the world is important to lower smartphone prices, says expert

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The popularization of the use of 5G in the world – although the technology has not yet been implemented comprehensively in Brazil – will bring positive consequences for the country. This is the assessment of the president of Teleco, a consulting company in the Telecommunications area, Eduardo Tude.

The projection of an Ericsson report is that 5G will have 1 billion subscribers worldwide by the end of 2022.

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In an interview with CNN Radio he explained that the “massification of 5G in the world is important because the prices of smartphones with this technology will reach Brazil and Latin America cheaper.”

“Brazil currently has 2.2 million used cell phones with low 5G coverage. As the band is released, operators have networks ready and it will be possible to use them”, he added.

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Today, Tude recalls that 5G can already be tried in some Brazilian cities, but there is still dependence on the release of the 3.5 GHz band to expand the service.

“The frequency is used by satellite dishes to receive television signals. This delayed a little, but the migration should take place in the capitals until September, but the expectation is that in July it will be released in Brasília and the band can be used with a greater possibility, with wider use of 5G in Brazil.”

The expert recalled that 5G gives up to five times the speed of connectivity and lower latency – which gives more gameplay, for example, with a faster response to commands.

“Some types of content that could not be used properly before will now be able to be used, the trend is for a large growth in data consumption using 5G.”

Eduardo Tude also highlighted that most 5G users are in China, which has emerged at the forefront of technology, with many investments, followed by the United States and South Korea.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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