Use of nuclear weapons unlikely as radiation would reach Russia, says expert

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Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization of the population for the Ukraine war and threatened to use “all available means” to guarantee the security and integrity of Russian territory. He also commented on the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

In an interview with CNN this Thursday (22), Vicente Ferraro, a researcher at the Laboratory of Asian Studies at USP, said that the use of this weapon in the conflict is unlikely, due to the proximity between the two countries, since the radiation could end up reaching Russia.

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“In relation to partial mobilization, that is likely, that there will be more bets from Russia in this conflict, which may acquire proportions in the long term”, highlighted Ferraro.

One of the points highlighted by the researcher was the change in the Kremlin’s effort to leave the population isolated from the armed conflict. This changes with the new determination, as it involves, for example, people unmotivated to fight the war.

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“It ends up involving society in a way that was not foreseen”, he observed.

He also highlighted two points that will be challenges for the Russian army: the training of conscripts — which takes time — and the coordination of battle lines — so that, for example, the logistics of supplying troops are organised.

*watch the full interview in the video above

Source: CNN Brasil

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