User Suggested To Buy 111 Tesla If The Company Adds Bch Support

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A Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporter has pledged to acquire 111 Tesla Model 3s if the electric car manufacturer adds a coin as payment.

In a YouTube video, a user from Australia using the pseudonym predicted an increase in Tesla sales. In his opinion, the BCH community wants to spend the coin, and not hold it, unlike the owners of the first cryptocurrency.

Users questioned’s ability to deliver on their promise, as the wallet they disclosed contains the equivalent of $ 141,000, just enough to buy three Model 3s. In response, a Bitcoin Cash supporter said he did not reveal other addresses “for security reasons.”

In early videos, claimed to already own seven-figure BCH and will have a fortune of $ 1 billion by 2025, when the coin reaches $ 50,000. In other words, it may have the equivalent of $ 15.5 million at the time of writing.

That’s enough to buy 111 Model 3s in Australia for $ 52,000 each. The user hinted that if the initiative is implemented, he will launch a business related to the sale of components. Collectively, in individual countries, they can cost more than the electric car as a whole.

Earlier, the Monero community urged Elon Musk to add XMR to pay for electric cars.

In March 2021, Elon Musk announced the start of Tesla sales for Bitcoin in the United States.

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