Users Have Lost At Least $ 1.6 Million Due To A Fraudulent Service Masquerading

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Users have lost at least $ 1.6 million due to a fraudulent service masquerading as a Trezor hardware wallet application, according to The Washington Post.

One of the victims Philip Christodoulou [Phillipe Christodoulou] found an app in the App Store called “Trezor”. After he entered his details to check the balance, all of his bitcoins were stolen. Christodoulou lost 17.1 BTC. At that time, they were valued at $ 600,000, at the time of writing – almost $ 990,000.

In a conversation with The Washington Post, the victim said that he is more angry with Apple than with the scammers, because the company has not tested the application.

Apple explained that often the developers of fraudulent applications send initially “harmless” services for verification, and then turn them into phishing ones.

The company said that the fake Trezor application got into the App Store by fraudulent means and was initially positioned as a “cryptographic” service for encrypting files and storing passwords, not related to cryptocurrencies.

Coinfirm says Christodoulou is one of several victims. According to Coinfirm, at least five people fell victim to the operators of the fake Trezor for iOS. The total damage was $ 1.6 million.

According to Sensor Tower, the app was available in the App Store from at least January 22 to February 3 and could have been downloaded about 1,000 times.

Apple did not disclose the developers of this application, did not disclose whether it passed the information to law enforcement officers, or whether it was conducting further investigation into the developers.

Trezor said the company has been notifying Apple and Google for years about fake apps impersonating a company’s product.

Trezor recently discovered another similar app on Google Play.

Attackers often use the name Trezor. In 2018, the company discovered fake Trezor One devices created and distributed by unknown persons.

In early 2021, Trezor representatives warned Android users about the fake Mobile Manager Wallet app distributed on Google Play.

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