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USP Literature course students decide to go on strike from Tuesday (19)

Students of the Literature course at the University of São Paulo (USP) will go on strike starting next Tuesday (19), demanding the hiring of new teachers and improvements to the college’s equipment.

Around 400 students voted in favor of the strike in an assembly this Thursday morning (14). There is no forecast for the end of the strike.

“We demand the immediate hiring of teachers. There is a large deficit in the number of teachers. This directly affects the supply of subjects”, says Mandi Coelho, coordinator of the Academic Center for Linguistic and Literary Studies (Caell).

“The students are taking their demands to the ultimate consequences and building a strike from the grassroots and with a lot of commitment from the entire course. Towards a unified strike on all USP campuses”, he adds.

Despite student complaints, USP has just been ranked as the best university in Latin America.

A CNN has not yet received feedback from the government about the students’ decision to go on strike.

*Published by Pedro Jordão, from CNN in Sao Paulo

Source: CNN Brasil

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