USP student spent graduation money on expensive dinners and luxury car, says police

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In a statement of more than four hours to the Civil Police, this Thursday afternoon (19), student Alicia Dudy Müller Veiga, from the USP Faculty of Medicine (FMUSP), told the police that she raised her standard of living after withdrawing the money belonging to the graduation commission.

Still according to the police, the university student had a monthly income of R$ 4,500.00, coming from three sources of income, including services provided to USP itself, an internship at a private company and student credit.

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After the repercussions of the case, Alicia was dismissed from the company where she was an intern.

The police officers in charge of the investigation reported to the CNN that the student rented a 42m² flat for almost 4,000 reais a month, in addition to renting a luxury car for around 3,000 reais a month.

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The investigated person also bought a tablet valued at 6,000 reais and opted to rent a state-of-the-art cell phone for a monthly fee of 3,000 reais.

The young woman would have reported that she started to attend expensive restaurants in São Paulo for dinner.

Alicia confessed that all the money withdrawn has already been spent by her.

The police found that the student’s friends began to notice the change in her lifestyle at the end of last year, but the new behavior did not generate suspicion about the appropriation of money from the graduation commission.

Alicia is the adopted daughter of a low-income family. Family members became aware of the case through the press last week.

The young woman does not have any disorder diagnosed by medical report, but regularly attended therapy sessions and psychiatric appointments.

The university student is collaborating with the investigation and responds freely. She was indicted this Thursday (19) for nine crimes of embezzlement.

Source: CNN Brasil

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