Uteka – more than a pharmacy 2.1.45

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Uteka is the first pharmacy marketplace in Russia, a service for searching and booking medicines in pharmacies in your city. All online ordering methods are presented in Yutek: booking at a pharmacy, delivery from a warehouse and home delivery of medicines. Compare medicine prices in different pharmacies and order everything in one Uteka app!

Uteka will help you:

  • Compare prices in pharmacy chains and online pharmacies in your city;
  • Save on medicines: we do not make extra charges, on the contrary – many pharmacies set special reduced Internet prices in Uteka;
  • Book medicines directly in the app;
  • Find rare drugs;
  • Choose a convenient option for drug delivery: pickup or home delivery

Why is our application convenient?

Uteka is a single service that combines the largest online pharmacies and pharmacy chains, such as Apteka.ru, Planet of Health, Gorzdrav and others. You no longer need to install separate applications for each pharmacy chain, go to different sites or go to pharmacies to find the drug you need at an acceptable cost. All the medicines you need can be found and booked at a low cost in one application.

Uteka does not add extra charges. Moreover, by booking medicines in Uteka, you save on each order, since many pharmacy chains provide medicines at special reduced Internet prices.

Uteka is a wide range and the best prices for medicines:

  • 56 148+ headings
  • 43,481 connected pharmacies in all regions of Russia
  • 50+ connected pharmacy chains

Pharmacy chains connected to Uteka: Apteka.ru, ZdravCity, Rigla, Ozerki, Doctor Stoletov, GORZDRAV, 36.6, Planet of Health, April, Maksavit, Pharmacy, Farmani, ASNA, Samson-Pharma, Dialogue, Mosapteka, Unipharma, Rosapteka, WER. RU, Number 1, Rainbow, Good, Be Healthy !, Nevis, Zhivika, Propharmacy, Omnipharm, My pharmacy, Nadezhda Pharm, Pharmacy, Superapteka, First aid, People’s pharmacy, Monastyrev, ZdesApharmacy, Eurofarm, Aloe, Pharmacies 36.7, 120 / 80, Your No. 1, Everything for health, Megafarm Plus, LenOblFarm, LekOptTorg

In our application, you can not only find and book pharmacy products at competitive prices, but also receive additional discounts on purchases. You can use a promotional code for the first order, accumulated referral points and apply pharmacy discount cards when redeeming an order.

Now in our mobile application there is a discount of 100 rubles for the first order from 500 rubles with the promotional code UTEKA100.

Uteka also launched a referral program. Now users can share a personal promo code and receive bonus rubles. Invite your relatives and friends, and get 50 rubles for each friend who made the first order using your promo code.

Want to save even more?

Add your bonus pharmacy chain cards and store them in the application. And to get a discount or accumulate bonuses, when buying an order, show the pharmacist the electronic version of the card from our application.

The Uteka app is not only about finding cheap medicines.

In Yuteca, you can create medication reminders. And when your product runs out, we will remind you to buy a new one. Thus, you will not interfere with your course of treatment and will not miss taking important medications and vitamins.

We are connected to 43,481 pharmacies in all regions of Russia. This means that no matter where you live, no matter how often you travel around the country, you do not need to install local pharmacy applications. All you need is Uteka, which will help you find and book medicines at competitive prices anywhere in the country.

Download our mobile application and take care of your health together with Yuteka!

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