V. Kikilias: Arrivals and expenses are impressive even without China, Russia and Ukraine

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“Our two main goals, the extension of the tourist season and the attraction of travelers who spend large sums of money on their holidays, are being achieved,” Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said in an interview with EuroNews.

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Mr. Kikilias pointed out that the data so far from the Bank of Greece, airports and the tourism industry are impressive as they approach or even in some cases exceed the corresponding ones of 2019 despite the fact that this season could not be compared to pre-pandemic period.

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“2019 was a cloudless year, this year we are facing multiple crises (energy, inflation, war in the heart of Europe) while we do not have travelers from Russia, Ukraine and especially China which is a huge market. However, we started early “Strongly, we are first in tourist arrivals from France, Israel, Serbia and in road tourism from Romania, but also in the top three places in Great Britain, Germany and the Nordic countries,” said the Minister of Tourism.

Regarding the shortages of workers observed this year in the tourism sector – a problem faced by all European countries due to the lockdowns of previous years – Mr. Kikilias called on entrepreneurs to create new, well-paid and quality jobs. As he said, the tourism workers are our ambassadors and everyone should be concerned about defending our tourism product, which should be at a high level, in order for travelers to come back to Greece.

The Minister referred, finally, to the social tourism programs that will enable the 200,000 citizens who do not have and can not, to take a breath and enjoy their holidays with their families in beautiful parts of the country, among which are northern Evia and Samos with the subsidy amounting to 300 euros in these areas.

Source: Capital

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