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V. Kikilias: For the first time, the support for domestic tourism has been so great

For the increased travel flows and the income that tourism brings this year to the country’s economy and to the average Greek family, the targeted actions to lengthen the tourist season as well as to support domestic tourism, which is being done for the first time on such a large scale , the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias spoke in an interview he gave to the newspaper “To Vima tis Kyriaki”.

“Just the fact that it is being compared to the “unclouded” 2019, an excellent year for tourism, but without a pandemic, war in the heart of Europe, tension with our neighbors and of course the energy crisis and inflation, shows that hard and teamwork that we did throughout the winter is bearing fruit” emphasized the Minister of Tourism, citing specific figures, such as the 50% increase in arrivals from the USA in June as a result of the choice to deepen strategic relations with the other side of the Atlantic, where high spender travelers come from , the passenger traffic in June in “El. Venizelos” (at the same levels as in 2019) and at Fraport’s 14 airports (4.6 million passengers in June this year compared to 4.4 passengers in the corresponding month of ’19) as well as the increase in turnover in May in accommodation and restaurant industry (26 million euros and 40 million euros more than 2019, respectively). “Especially, this last one shows that tourism is a national affair,” said Mr. Kikilias characteristically.

Referring to the invitation he addressed to Northern Europeans and German retirees to come to our country in October, November and December, in order to enjoy a Mediterranean winter, V. Kikilias stated that this initiative is part of the strategy to extend tourism period, the primary goal he set when he assumed the portfolio of the Ministry of Tourism. As he pointed out, the implementation of the specific project is aimed at attracting visitors and providing high-level services and is based on three axes: Firstly, in cooperation with tourism professionals to ensure the functionality of the infrastructure, secondly, in contacts with large tours operators and with major airlines in order to close agreements for important groups of visitors and thirdly in a targeted campaign – in collaboration with the EOT – and a trip to Germany that will take place for this purpose.

“Anyway, let me tell you that they show special interest in Crete, the Southern Peloponnese, Rhodes and Kos,” said the Minister of Tourism, pointing out that “the winter champions are built in the summer.”

Regarding the strengthening of domestic tourism and the decision of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to double the beneficiaries of the “Tourism for All” Program, Mr. Kikilias emphasized that it is a key priority of the Ministry and the Government “the dividend of success from the our tourist product to return to the pocket of every Greek woman and every Greek man”.

“For the first time, we have such a broad network of support to strengthen domestic tourism – a total of 71 million euros – so that even our most vulnerable fellow citizens can enjoy the beauties of our country and take the breath we all deserve” emphasized the Minister, underlining that the effort to support domestic tourism will continue throughout the year.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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